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Canvas Print (No Wrap)

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Printed on industry texturized materials for an unwrapped canvas. Printed out to the edges future wrapping. 

When preparing your digital images for inkjet printing there are three different workflows:

  • Files can only be either TIFF, RAW, PDF, JPEG
  • TIFF files can contain no Adobe Photoshop layers or channels.
  • JPEG files are recommended to be saved at maximum quality, i.e. 10 – 12.
  • Images for output should have a minimum of 150 ppi at final size for optimum image quality.
  • All images must be in an RGB colour space with the appropriate ICC profile tagged.
  • All images must be 8-bit colour.
  • File names should be kept to under 30 characters saved with the appropriate extension .JPEG or .TIFF